August 11 2023

What amenities should be available in a condominium?

Condominiums are becoming increasingly popular because they are a symbol of luxury, privacy, space, and comfort together. This rise in popularity has encouraged developers to build premium properties with top-notch amenities.
If you are looking to buy a condominium as well, we recommend that you pay close attention to the amenities offered.
Here’s a list of the best condo amenities according to us:


The importance of safety can never be undermined, and therefore a 24-hour security service should be provided. This must include CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and entry authorisation, among other measures.


A clubhouse is a social hub for residents to meet and interact with one another. It should ideally have a swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor games, and a party hall. A well-maintained clubhouse with a variety of services can add value to your quality of living and promise better investment returns in the future.

Water supply

Clean and consistent water supply is going to become a luxury soon. That is why choosing a condominium that promises an uninterrupted supply of both drinking and tap water is a must.

Power Backup

A condominium should have a reliable backup power supply to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced during power outages. Make sure you check this out before shortlisting the property.


A well-maintained community is essential for a comfortable living experience. Regular maintenance and upkeep of the common areas, elevators, parking lots, and landscaping should be carried out by a professional maintenance team

Internet Connectivity

With the increasing importance of the internet in modern life and the hybrid work model, a fast and reliable internet connection is essential in a condominium. The condominium should have a facility for high-speed internet connectivity (especially broadband) to all residents along with the proper signal.


A condominium should be accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities. This means that the property should have ramps, elevators, walking areas, and wheelchair-friendly pathways.


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